Eufy security cameras are highly regarded for their effectiveness in safeguarding your property. With various options available, it’s essential to understand how to properly charge Eufy security cameras to ensure uninterrupted surveillance. 

While some Eufy camera types are powered by a battery that claims to last 365 days, they would still require charging to maintain ongoing surveillance. 

Eufy Security Camera Charging

Charging your Eufy Camera setup is easy. You only need a micro-USB cable, a power adapter, a steady power supply, and a camera. 

The USB cord and charger are included in the box with the camera. While you may easily arrange for a dependable power source at home. 

Once you have these, you can begin with the following steps:  

  • Connect the 5V power charger to an electrical outlet.
  • Connect the adapter to the charging connection on the back of the Eufy Homebase using the USB cord.
  • When you turn on the power supply, the charging of the Eufy camera begins instantly.
  • When this happens, the camera’s LED will turn red.

You can wait till the batteries are charged. When the red light on the LED fades, disconnect the Eufy camera from the charger and remount it in its original spot. 

Methods To Charge Eufy Security Camera

Charge Eufy Security Camera

Below are steps or methods you can use to charge your Eufy Security Camera:

1. Normal Electric Outlet

This is the most frequent method if you want to charge Eufy security cameras. You can easily remove the cameras and set them up using the regular energy that runs in your home.

To begin, remove the cameras from their mounting locations and attach them to the rear of your Eufy Homebase.

After connecting the cameras to the Homebase, you can utilize a USB. Connect the USB to the charger head while connecting the other end to the Homebase’s charging port.

Once this is complete, put your charger into an adaptor or socket and turn on the socket. Your camera should start charging right away.

2. Solar Panels

All you need is a small solar panel that can charge multiple Eufy cameras simultaneously, depending on how the cameras are positioned.

Although this method is far more expensive than using standard electricity from your home, it saves you the hassle of carrying your cameras down for a charge once. 

Thanks to the solar panel and the camera’s battery life, you won’t have to worry about charging Eufy security camera for at least ten years.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Eufy Camera?

Eufy Camera charging takes approximately 4 to 8 hours using a regular 5V charger. While using a Homebase that provides up to 9V current will significantly reduce charging times. 

If setting the Eufy camera takes longer, make sure you’re using the original charger. Using insufficiently configured after-market chargers can lengthen charging times and lower battery life. 

Check if the power outlet/source to which you connect your gadget provides the needed voltage.

You should apply a voltage stabilizer to guarantee your Eufy camera is charged correctly. 

Finally, make sure to inspect the USB cable you’re using. Check to see if it has the proper rating and setup.

How Do I Know If My Eufy Camera Is Charging?

When you plug in to charge Eufy security camera, you can quickly tell if it is charging. 

When you plug the USB into the Homebase and the socket, a red light should appear on the side of the socket the instant you turn it on. 

If you detect no red light, there is a significant likelihood your camera isn’t charging.

Change your USB because the problem could be with the USB; if the light still does not come on, there is a problem with your charger or your Homebase.

If the Eufy camera homebase displays a blue light instead of a red light, do not be alarmed; certain cameras have been reported to show a blue light as a charging indicator instead of a red signal. 

If your Homebase is charging, it should display either a blue or a red light.

How Do You Troubleshoot Eufy Camera Charging Issues?

If your Eufy camera is not charging, there are troubleshooting actions you may take. They are as follows:

  • Check that your power outlet or USB port to charge the camera is in good working order. Try plugging in a separate device to see if the problem is with the power supply.
  • Ensure the charging cord is properly attached to the camera and power source. A faulty connection may inhibit adequate charging. If feasible, try an alternative charging cord.
  • A simple restart can sometimes resolve charge concerns. Disconnect the camera from the charging cable, turn it off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. Reconnect the camera to the charging wire and check if it charges.
  • If the above methods do not cure the problem, you can try resetting the camera to its factory settings. For details on how to make a reset, consult the user manual or Eufy’s website. Remember that resetting the camera will remove all custom settings and setups.


The Eufy camera will help to boost your home’s security system. Its long-lasting battery and quick charge offer everything you need to create a flawless home security system.

The battery in the Eufy camera can last up to a year. It also features a quick charge capability, charging in 8 hours.

However, if you discover that your camera needs to be shorter to charge, this could be due to several factors.