Many Geeni camera customers say that their Geeni camera does not scan the QR code and that they are still determining why or how to resolve this issue.

Without scanning the QR code, your camera cannot connect to WiFi and hence cannot function or be controlled and managed via the app or voice assistant.

A QR code must be scanned when connecting your Geeni camera to WiFi. This process is standard with many other types of cameras and is regarded as usual.

Geeni Cameras’ key selling point to owners is its affordability and that’s why most people go and buy it.

How to Fix Geeni Camera Won’t Scan QR Code?

geeni camera qr code

When your Geeni cam isn’t scanning the QR code, here are some strategies and tips to fix this problem:

1. Adjust Mobile Brightness

Keeping the cellphone brightness balanced will allow the camera to detect and scan the QR code.

Some people advise you to increase the brightness to the maximum, but we propose gradually increasing it and testing whether the camera can detect the code.

If increasing the brightness does not resolve the problem and the camera continues to send the same error, proceed to the next alternative.

2. Use A Bigger Screen

Even though various circumstances can contribute to Geeni Camera not scanning the QR code, most owners could resolve the issue by utilizing a larger screen.

The good news is that this problem is simple to fix; you only need to capture a screenshot and display it on a larger screen.

So, if you’re using a smartphone with a smaller screen, capture a screenshot and save it to your TV.

You can now use the camera to scan the QR code without experiencing any performance difficulties. 

Following that, the setup procedure is basic and easy to follow.

3. Clean The Lens And The Phone’s Screen

Cleaning the lens is critical for scanning the QR code; if you discover that the Geeni camera lens is dusty, this could be why the code cannot be scanned. 

The plastic that acts as a protective covering to shield the lens must also be removed to allow the camera to see clearly.

We recommend cleaning the mobile screen after cleaning the lens, as a filthy display may hide some aspects of the QR code, making scanning impossible.

The only thing you can do is clean the lens and then repeat the scanning procedure.

4. The Distance and Qr Code Lifespan

Some users have also stated that putting the camera closer to the smartphone when scanning the code is not a good idea.

Scanning the QR code is only possible if your camera is close enough. Try holding your Geeni camera 30 cm (1 foot) out and slowly bringing it towards the QR code.

The distance will vary based on the size of the screen (the code on a tablet and smartphone are not scanned at the same length). 

When moving the camera to scan the code, stop for 5 seconds at the new distance to give it time to focus.

The QR code’s lifetime is also significant since it cannot be scanned after it expires, and you will need to generate a new one to connect your Geeni camera.

5. Track Your Shadow

Ensure that your shadow is not reflected on the phone screen, hindering the camera from clearly identifying the QR code.

The shadow problem frequently arises when the room where you are scanning the code is brightly lit; therefore, try scanning the code in a darker room.

If your Geeni cam is tilted at an angle, it may have difficulty scanning the code, so make sure it’s level with the surface where the code is printed.

6. Change Angle 

Changing the camera angle while scanning the QR code also gives rise to this issue.

If you’re having trouble despite having a large enough smartphone screen, consider changing the angle of your camera. 

Check to see if any other light sources in the room could reflect the light from the smartphone screen.

Adjusting the angle should produce better results, so experiment with different camera orientations to assist you in getting through the QR scanning phase.

7. Reset The Geeni Camera

If the Geeni camera still doesn’t scan after all these troubleshooting steps, you should consider resetting it.

There is always the risk of programming errors, and resetting the camera will remove these flaws from your smart device. Reset the smart camera and restart the configuration process.

Power cycle the camera before resetting it since this may also solve the problem. Unlike a factory reset, a power cycle will not erase your settings and preferences. 

The camera should start operating correctly this time.

8. Scan Qr From Another Device

The Geeni cam occasionally fails to read a QR code from smartphones or other devices with certain screen faults. 

The Geeni cam, for example, will not scan if your smartphone’s screen or screen protector is cracked or if a screen fault overlaps its QR code.

In this regard, the most significant thing we can do to rule out this possibility is to scan a QR code using another device.

Then, you must restart the setup procedure; hopefully, the scanning will work this time!

9. Speed Up The Scanning Routine

If you’re taking your time scanning the QR code, try being faster with the scanning routine.

The QR code may expire in a few minutes, depending on the device you’re attempting to pair. As a result, you must act fast on the command.

You can also try power cycling the camera and testing the reaction again. Power cycling the device may not be viable, but it has proven effective for many consumers.

So, turn off the power for a few minutes before checking the setup progress.

10. Claim Warranty 

If there is no reaction after resetting the camera and you’ve done everything to connect the devices, it may be time to file a warranty claim.

You are most likely dealing with a faulty unit that will not give your smart security system any genuine performance.

So, contact the dealer and explain the situation to him. He’ll walk you through the claim process, and you’ll be able to get a new gadget that won’t give you the same problems.

Are Geeni Cameras Worth It?

After these fixes, you may wonder, “Are Geeni Cameras Worth It?” The short answer is “Yes!”

While these cameras are not the best on the market, they provide excellent performance. Furthermore, the pricing is reasonable.

So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly camera, Geeni should be your first choice. 

Final Say,

So, those are your options if your Genni Camera isn’t scanning the QR code. 

If the suggestions in this article do not resolve your problem, you can contact technical support for assistance.