How to charge a Kodak Camera without charger is very challenging. Let’s explore the solution.

Sometimes you may have access to your Kodak camera charger or a power socket to charge your camera. 

You may occasionally need to find your charger. However, setting a camera is necessary because the batteries drain quickly. So, how do you charge a Kodak camera if you don’t have a charger?

You can charge your Kodak camera even if you don’t have a charger. Using a USB cord, you may set your Kodak camera from your computer or a power bank. 

You may also charge your camera directly from the wall socket by using a Kodak USB adaptor. However, not all Kodak cameras enable USB charging.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Kodak Camera Without a Charger?

Charging your Kodak camera with its charger should be fully charged in around two hours.

However, charging your Kodak camera without a charger may take over three hours. 

Because the power output is slower and less, utilizing your computer may take substantially longer.

You can complete the task faster if you use a power bank. The quickest method would be to utilize a USB adaptor.

How To Charge A Kodak Camera Without Charger- Different Methods?

Many believe they can only charge a camera if they have the charger. In some circumstances, this is correct. 

However, the majority of Kodak cameras may be set in different ways. You may charge a Kodak camera without the included charging adapter.

The following are some popular methods for charging a Kodak camera without a charger:

  • USB cable from a PC
  • Using a power bank
  • Using an AC USB adaptor
  • Separately charging the batteries

These procedures, however, are not universal. It may differ depending on the camera model. 

Before I go into the charging techniques, you should know that some Kodak camera models are incompatible with USB charging.

1. Charge A Kodak Camera With A USB Cable

If you’ve misplaced your Kodak camera charger and are wondering how to charge your camera without one, this is it. 

The one-stop solution is finding the proper USB cable compatible with your Kodak EASYSHARE camera. 

The USB port on your Kodak camera is next to the memory card slot. It can be found at the bottom or on the side of your camera.

Determine the type of USB cable required for your Kodak camera. The majority of Kodak cameras use USB U-8 or USB 2.0. 

They can be obtained almost anywhere online or in digital multimedia stores.

A USB cable can charge a Kodak camera from several sources, including a computer, a power bank, or a wall socket.

2. Charge A Kodak Camera With A Computer

Once you’ve determined which USB cable your Kodak camera is compatible with, it’s time to choose the source.

To charge your Kodak camera from a computer, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your PC.
  • Check that it is not in hibernation or sleeping mode.
  • Turn off your Kodak camera.
  • Check that you’ve installed the correct battery in the right location.
  • Connect your USB cord to both your camera and your computer.
  • Some versions, such as the EASYSHARE M873 and M883, require you to turn on the camera.
  • The camera will start charging.
  • In rare circumstances, you may need to use your PC to pick the ‘Charge Only’ option.

There are numerous advantages to charging a Kodak camera from a computer. You have all the necessary components and can complete the task without leaving your PC desk.

There are some disadvantages to charging a Kodak camera from a computer. Some corrupted files may cause damage to your computer’s files. It may also take longer to set.

However, it is the greatest option because you cannot access your Kodak camera charger.

3. Charge A Kodak Camera Using Kodak USB Adapter

You can acquire a USB adapter to charge your Kodak camera from a wall outlet.

They are compatible with your camera and charge faster and more safely than the other ways.

To begin, read over the user’s manual for your Kodak camera. You can proceed if it is capable of charging via a USB adaptor.

  • Switch off your camera.
  • Place the correct batteries in the right locations.
  • Connect your USB adaptor to a power outlet.
  • Connect the opposite end of the cable to your Kodak camera.
  • It will begin charging.
  • It would help if you turned on the Kodak M873 and M883 digital cameras.

The presence of a red light shows that the camera is still charging. When the LED turns green, it means the charging is finished.

4. Charge A Kodak Camera Using a Power Bank

A power bank can be used to charge your Kodak camera. It’s another simple and convenient way to charge your Kodak camera without a charger.

To begin, check the user handbook for your Kodak camera to determine if it supports USB charging. 

After confirmation, remove your camera’s battery and limit the amount of power it consumes.

If it requires 800 mAh, an 8000 mAh power bank can charge it ten times.

  • To begin, verify your camera’s battery and connection to the slot.
  • Switch off your camera.
  • Connect one end of a USB cable to your camera and the other end to your power bank.
  • Turn on your power bank.
  • It will begin charging.
  • Make sure your power bank is fully charged before you go.

The benefit of charging a Kodak camera with a power bank is that you can take it wherever you go. 

This is especially recommended for individuals who embark on expeditions, tours, or travel for extended periods with their cameras.

Assume you have a power bank but no wall socket or source of electricity. You’ll think you’re the luckiest person on the planet.

5. Other Products To Charge A Kodak Camera

There are several ways to charge a Kodak camera, including charger and other methods.

The following are two products that can be used to charge a Kodak camera without charger.

  • AC adaptor for Kodak
  • Kodak Li-Ion Universal Battery Charger

Other chargers can only be used with these two things. They are not Kodak compatible.

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Which Kodak Cameras Can Use USB Charging?

Unfortunately, some Kodak cameras necessitate the use of the included charger. They cannot be charged in any other way than with the appropriate AC adaptor and cable.

Charging the batteries independently in some circumstances may be possible using a universal Lithium battery charger.

How To Charge A Kodak Battery Independently?

Your Kodak batteries can be charged independently. Kodak uses rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. 

However, some batteries, including Kodak’s, are only compatible with specific chargers.

To charge your Kodak batteries, you must use the Kodak Li-Ion universal charger.

Replace The Batteries If Necessary

You may need to replace the battery in your Kodak camera after a lengthy period of use. After a few years, Li-Ion batteries begin to deplete.

The battery performance is also affected by how much you use your camera and how frequently you charge it. 


I hope you received your answer and have already decided on your chosen method to how to charge a Kodak camera without charger.

Charging a Kodak camera with a charger is a good idea. It may take longer than usual, generate more heat, and lower battery backup in the long run. 

These approaches are useful for short-term use or in an emergency. I strongly advise you to purchase a Kodak charger.