Surveillance cameras come in a variety of designs and sizes. Some are the size of a small sofa, while others are as small as the tip of a pen. 

Surveillance cameras used in enterprises are frequently hard-wired to receive power, although many cameras used in homes and small businesses are wireless and include a battery. 

It’s critical to understand the type of camera you’re working with and how electricity is provided to the machine.

A simple camera examination will give enough information to determine the power source and how to stop it.

To deactivate a wired Wi-Fi camera, unhook the power line from the source and remove the mounting bracket. Removing the batteries for a wireless camera will switch the device OFF and halt the operation.

How To Identify The Camera Type?

You must first identify the type of Wi-Fi camera before disengaging it.

In general, Wi-Fi cameras can be wired or wireless, with the difference being that wireless ones cannot link to an NVR.

How To Turn Off A Wi-Fi Security Camera

Following the steps below, you can easily disable a Wi-Fi security camera:

1. Identify the camera

Determine the model and make of the camera you wish to disable.

2. Access the camera’s settings

Please connect to the camera’s Wi-Fi network or access its settings via a web browser by entering the camera’s IP address.

3. Turn off the camera:

Once you’ve reached the camera’s settings, seek for a disable or turn off option. This option may differ based on the manufacturer and type of the camera.

4. Power off the camera

If there is no option in the settings to turn off the camera, you can physically separate it from its power supply to effectively turn it off.

Following privacy rules and only disabling cameras you can access legally is critical. Turning off another person’s security camera without permission is illegal and immoral.

How To Disable Wired Wi-Fi Camera?

These are some of the steps you can follow to turn off a wired Wi-Fi camera:

1. Follow The Cables

Your wired surveillance camera will have a cord that connects to a power socket in your office or home.

In either case, you must locate the cable to remove the power to the camera before disengaging the device.

Locate the location where the wired Wi-Fi camera is plugged in.

2. Turn OFF the Power To the Camera

Now that you’ve discovered where the Wi-Fi camera’s power adapter is located, it’s necessary to turn the gadget off.

As you may have guessed, removing the camera’s power adapter prevents electricity from reaching the gadget, causing it to power down.

By unplugging the power wire from your camera, the gadget will turn off and no longer record or monitor.

Detach the cord from the power socket where the wired security Wi-Fi camera is plugged in.

Disable Wireless Wi-Fi Camera

These cameras have no wires and are entirely powered by batteries.

Removing the camera’s batteries will turn off the gadget and prevent it from working.

These are some ways you can choose to turn off wireless Wi-Fi security cameras:

  • First, find the camera.
  • Take the camera out from the mounting bracket.
  • Look for a latch or an entrance on the back side of the unit.
  • Uncover the battery compartment with a little push.
  • Eject all of the teams once the batteries have been revealed.
  • Keep the battery compartment closed.

How To Tell When Wi-Fi Camera Is Off?

The front side panel of many, if not all, Wi-Fi security cameras has LED indications.

Inspecting the lights lets you quickly establish whether a Wi-Fi camera is operational.

When all of the lights on the cameras are turned off, the device is disabled.

In some cases, there are distinct lights for the Night Vision light, which, when turned on, indicates that the camera is also operational.

When none of the LED indications lights up, you may be sure that a Wi-Fi camera is not working.

Any blinking LED patterns indicate that the camera is powered on.

When Is It Necessary To Disable A Wi-Fi Security Camera?

Speaking with the person whose security camera you believe invades your privacy is always advisable. They can be completely ignorant that their camera is filming your property. 

They may be striving to secure their property boundaries while ignoring that your property is visible.

So, before jumping to any possibly harmful judgments, communicate gently and non-accusatorily with them. 

Request that the angle or direction of their security camera be changed.

Final Thoughts,

You can turn off Wi-Fi cameras on wired and wireless devices.

Be aware that once the cameras have been installed in a different location, you must perform the basic setup of connecting the device to your phone and Wi-Fi.