Today’s solution is the craziest solution of a new idea, “How to Install Camera on Brick Without Drilling?”. It will save you time but also the cost.

The thought of installing a camera to monitor your property can provide a sense of reassurance. 

However, for those living in homes adorned with sturdy brick exteriors, the idea of drilling into these solid surfaces can be a daunting prospect. 

The good news is that there are innovative and drill-free methods to install a camera on brick, preserving the aesthetics of your home while still enhancing its security.

From adhesive mounts to magnetic brackets and clamp-style attachments, we’ll explore a variety of options that cater to different preferences and camera types. 

So, whether you’re a homeowner looking to boost security or a renter seeking a temporary solution, you can achieve a seamless and non-intrusive camera installation on your brick exterior.

Is it possible to install security cameras on brick walls without drilling?

A lot of homeowners and customers who love their house design, are loathe to damage their home walls and ask for a technique to place cameras on Brick walls without drilling. 

The answer is yes, there is a specialized method for installing security cameras on brick walls without drilling. 

Simply use high-quality adhesive tape or Vinyl Siding Hooks to secure the camera without the need for holes or screws. 

Sometimes security cameras come with an adhesive strip, so you don’t even have to drill holes in your brick wall. 

It will keep your camera level against an uneven brick wall. You can peel it off whenever you want without causing any damage to the brick walls. 

This is how to put a CCTV camera on a brick wall and route security camera wiring through it.

Preparations Before Installing Security Camera Without Drilling

Before beginning the installation, gather the necessary tools and components. Here are the essential components you’ll need to install your security cameras on the wall without digging holes.

  • Disposable cameras usually have around 27 pictures in them.
  • You can take pictures until the film runs out. 
  • The limited number of shots encourages people to choose essential moments to capture.
  • After all the pictures are taken, you can throw away or recycle the camera.
  • But the memories you capture stay with you even after the film is done.

How to Install Camera On Brick Without Drilling? Step-by-Step Guide

Now, you can follow the comprehensive procedures below to attach your outdoor or indoor security cameras without drilling.

To demonstrate how to mount security camera without drilling, we will use an RLC-810A PoE security camera as an example to provide our thorough installation method.

1. Use a measuring tape to determine the distance between your camera and router. Plan the shortest wiring route and then calculate the length of your Ethernet extension cables. Allow a few feet of spare wire between the two terminations for future restructuring if necessary.

2. To ensure your safety and prevent damage to the camera, turn off the power before beginning the installation.

3. To install the camera to brick or vinyl siding without drilling holes, use an adhesive strip or 3M industrial tape.

4. Connect the Ethernet cable from the camera to the router. During the wiring, run the wire beneath the baseboard in your room to conceal the security camera cables.

5. Download and launch the Reolink App on your iPhone or Android device. When your security camera and mobile phone are linked to the same router, the camera is automatically added to the app and you may start live streaming right away.

Choose Smart Positions to Install Your Security Cameras No Drilling

If you do not need to mount your security cameras to the wall or brick, try placing them strategically.

This approach is ideal for installing a security camera without having to drill holes in your residence. 

For example, you may position a security camera on a shelf in the corner of your room. Ensure that your security camera is close to a power outlet and can connect to your router.


Mounting security cameras without screws provides numerous solutions for easy installation.

By exploring alternative methods such as adhesive mounts, magnetic brackets, or clamp-style attachments, you can enjoy the benefits of a security camera system without compromising the integrity of your brick walls. 

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure that the chosen mounting solution is compatible with your camera model. 

With these ingenious methods, you can achieve peace of mind and enhanced surveillance capabilities without the need for drills and potential wall damage.


How do I stick a security camera to the wall?

First, choose a spot on the wall near a power source that is within the camera’s optimal viewing angle. Use the screws or mounting brackets that came with the camera to fasten it to the wall. 

Make sure it’s level and tightly fastened. Check the camera’s stability and make any necessary adjustments before attaching it to a power supply and network for operation.

What tools can I use to mount security cameras without screws?

You can use adhesive mounts built exclusively for security cameras, magnetic mounts for cameras with magnetic bases, or clamp mounts, which adhere securely to a variety of surfaces without the use of screws. 

You can also utilize Reolink’s PoE splitter and combiner to facilitate PoE wiring.