The Ring camera is one of the most versatile security systems available; with it, you can record high-quality videos, access two-way communication and motion detections, and it is simple to integrate into your smart home.

Apart from the outstanding capabilities that a ring camera provides, one of the most challenging things to accomplish with your ring camera is turning it off, mainly figuring out 

How to turn off the ring camera without the app? 

Turning off your Ring camera without using the app is a quick way to turn it off when you don’t need it. 

It can also be handy if you’re having problems with the app, are unable to access it, and are concerned about hackers obtaining footage. 

How To Disable Ring Camera Without App

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Turning off your Ring camera without using the app is simple, but following the correct procedures is critical. 

You can switch off your Ring camera in a variety of ways, including:

1. Unplug The Power Adapter

The first and most usual way to switch off your Ring camera is to unplug it from the power supply. 

Locate your camera’s power adapter and unhook it from the power outlet to accomplish this. 

It will unplug the device and switch it off to prevent any footage or motion events from being recorded. 

2. Disconnect From The Wi-Fi

To record motion and footage, send notifications to your phone, and communicate with the app, all Ring security devices utilize a Wi-Fi/Internet connection. 

A strong Wi-Fi connection is required to function properly; you can unplug your camera from Wi-Fi before turning it off. 

You can also turn off your Wi-Fi router linked to the Ring device. This method will take your device offline, preventing you from capturing motion or viewing live camera previews.

3. Use Physical Barriers

Instead of turning off the power or unplugging the power adapter, another simple solution is to place a physical barrier on your camera lens. 

The physical obstruction/barrier will prevent the camera lens and infrared from recording motion events. 

A wooden plank or non-adhesive tape are two solutions for blocking the camera lens. 

In this manner, you may turn off your Ring camera without using the app or entering the settings. 

4. Disconnect Battery 

However, if you have a battery-powered Ring cam, you can remove the battery to turn it off and avoid false event/motion recordings. 

This procedure will prevent the camera from drawing any battery power after unplugging the camera from the socket. 

5. Using An Electric Panel

Most Ring devices are hardwired and linked to your home’s electrical wiring system. So, the final uncommon method of shutting off your camera is to cut off the power to your house. 

This will cut off your house’s electricity, Wi-Fi connection, and camera, preventing any motion notifications from being sent. 

To accomplish this, go to your electrical panel and disconnect the camera from the circuit. Alternatively, you can switch off the entire circuit, which will turn off the energy in your home. 

However, this method has the disadvantage of taking a little longer for your camera to reboot or start capturing motion events once you turn it on from the panel. 

6. Using An Installed Switch

Finally, you may use a switch to turn off the camera device, connect it to your camera, and mount it on the wall like a Lmap/fan switch. 

However, this method necessitates the assistance of an electrical specialist to install the on/off switch. Once installed, you may turn your camera on and off by simply flipping a switch.

What Are The Benefits Of Turning Off The Ring Camera Without An App?

Turning off your Ring camera without the app has various advantages; here are a few of them:

1. Enhanced Security

It adds extra protection by blocking motion detection, alerting, and preventing your camera from being hijacked. 

2. Battery Life

Turning off your Ring camera without the app saves battery power over turning it off through the app modes. 

3. Maintenance Purposes

It is also useful when working on your grass or performing maintenance tasks. Turning off the camera manually reduces bogus motion event notifications and saves battery life. 

How to Turn Off Ring Camera Temporarily Without App

You can temporarily turn off your Ring camera so it cannot record your moment. 

So, following the steps below, you will discover how to temporarily turn off a ring camera without using the app.

Install the Ring Camera app on your smartphone.

  1. Connect both the app and the ring camera.
  2. Navigate to the app’s settings.
  3. To temporarily switch off the ring camera, select its name.
  4. Click the “Turn Off” button to turn off the motion sensor.

That’s all there is to it. The preceding method will temporarily turn off your ring camera till it is switched on.

Does Turning off Wi-Fi Disable the Ring Camera

Your Ring camera requires a strong Wi-Fi connection to work correctly, capture motion, or send notifications to your phone.

The camera cannot record events or deliver notifications if it is not connected to Wi-Fi. 

So, shutting off Wi-Fi is one option for turning off your camera without wrestling with the sophisticated camera settings. 

How to Turn Off the Ring Camera Manually

There are several ways to turn off your Ring camera without using the app. Here are a few examples:

  1. Check if your Ring camera has a physical ON/OFF button for turning off your Ring device. 
  2. You may add an on/off switch for your camera, just like you would for a lamp or other electrical outlet at home. 
  3. A physical barrier on the lens will prevent the camera from recording motion or sending notifications. 
  4. Almost every home has an electric panel where you can turn off your camera. You must go to the panel and turn off either the camera or the entire panel. 
  5. If you have a battery-powered device, you may easily remove the battery and turn it off. 
  6. Finally, you can switch it off with the power adapter. Locate your camera’s power adapter and remove it from the socket for a set time.

Final Thoughts,

To summarize, shutting off your Ring camera without using the app is straightforward. 

However, you can remove the ring camera’s power source, hit the reset button, or turn off the Wi-Fi connection. 

Remember to control security measures constantly; Camerolo will not accept responsibility if anything goes wrong.