GoPro has revolutionized the video recording industry, in which its small size greatly benefited vlogging. As a result, manufacturers are working hard to develop new accessories to help their customers overcome the shortcomings of these cameras.

The GoPro Karma Grip is one of the most recent products. Quoting the facts that GoPro has had issues with its Karma drone and has lost some confidence due to the product recall. However, the portable stabilizer is one component of the Karma set that works flawlessly.

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All technology critics gave this gadget great reviews, which has since become essential to every GoPro camera set. But many users have been raising a very important question: is the GoPro Karma Grip waterproof? This question made us do some research and look for an answer. Here in this article, you will find all the information to clear all your confusion regarding the GoPro Karma Grip waterproof feature.

The Official Statement From GoPro

Let’s talk about if the GoPro karma grip is waterproof or not, just to be clear, because there’s a lot of misinformation. The GoPro Karma grip has never been claimed to be waterproofed by GoPro. According to the gathered information, the problem is usually caused by consumers who buy the Karma Grip and then assume it is waterproof and use it underwater.

Since it is not waterproof, it quickly breaks when submerged, and when customers try to return it to GoPro, the water detectors identify the damage caused, so they refuse to replace it. Consumers then go on the internet and spread misinformation about the Karma Grip, leading others to believe it is a waterproof device when it is not.

GoPro, the camera manufacturer, has never claimed that it is waterproof. It has told customers that it is splashproof, not waterproof and that they should not take it underwater. Due to a widespread myth about the camera’s ability to withstand submersion, people have asked GoPro on social media platforms like Twitter if their cameras will survive if they go scuba diving or showering.

In response to these inquiries, GoPro has reinforced its point by stating that its products are intended for use only in shallow water.

Although Splashproof is a term that is not legally defined, it has a different meaning when used in marketing certain products in different countries. In the United States, an IP rating of IPx4 is a fairly low mark, and we could not find any confirmation from GoPro that the Karma Grip has an official IP rating.

The IPx4 rating means that the product has an IP of x (the first digit refers to dirt entrance rating, so X could be any as we are focusing on water) 4 (the second digit is the water entrance rating, and 4 is usually “Splashing of water”). Waterproofing is generally considered IPx7, but the device would only be protected to a depth of 1 meter.

If you’ve just found out that the GoPro Karma Grip cannot be waterproofed, don’t worry. Many great alternatives are available, and we have listed some of the best options available to replace the GoPro Karma Grip.

Best GoPro Karma Grip Alternatives [Top 3]

Many GoPro Karma Grip alternatives are available in the market. We have shortlisted the top 3 choices that provide more features, including waterproofing at a reasonable price compared to the Karma Grip.

1. Feiyu Tech FYG5

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The very first waterproof portable Steadicam was created by Feiyu Tech, with the name tag Feiyu G5. It was specifically designed for the GoPro Hero 5. (although it is compatible with previous GoPro hero cameras).

The G5 is an indispensable gimbal stabilizer if you want to take quality footage in water or snow. Not only is the G5 waterproof, but it also has some additional tools and functions that previous generations could only dream about.

Feiyu has really pushed the boat out with this gimbal, from its updated “Unibody arm” that delivers a more precise steady camera motion to its superb rubberized appearance and touchscreen monitor.

Providing all these features, no other G5 competition is available in the market that comes near its price tag.

The Feiyu G5 is the best option for you if you’re planning a trip by boat or skiing in the mountains and you’re seeking a handheld gimbal that won’t mind a few wet splashes and will provide you excellent, smooth footage while your boat or skis take the unavoidable bumps.

You can expect a few things from the box when you buy a new Feiyu G5 Gimbal.

  • The first thing is the Gimbal itself
  • Carrying case for the Feiyu G5 Gimbal
  • A Rechargeable  Battery
  • USB cable for charging
  • Piece of Cloth to Clean the Splashes

2. Feiyu WG2 PRO Edition

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The WG2 PRO is another advanced Gimbal that comes from the company Feiyu that provides complete water resistance for underwater recording.

The Feiyu WG2 Pro gimbal is ready to assist you in capturing outstanding stabilized video in different situations. Most action cameras, including the GoPro 4, GoPro 3 +, YI 4K, SJCAM, and Hero 4/5 Session, are compatible with this Gimbal.

This gimbal should work with any camera around the size of a standard action camera and weighs less than 130 grams. You can use the WG2 as a wearable Steadicam or with a number of mounts. A tripod is included and will also be compatible with various GoPro mounts, like a suction cup mount or a clamp mount.

The WG2 can also function as a portable gimbal. The Feiyu wearable stabilizer’s four modes make it simple to capture outstanding stable footage. The options are panned mode, lock mode, panning and tilting mode, and auto-rotation mode. These allow you to record a variety of different types of film.

The Feiyu WG2 is distinguished from other gimbals by its unique auto-rotation mode. The user can pick a starting and ending point, and the gimbal gently moves your camera from one end to the other gently and smoothly. This, among other things, allows you to create extremely dynamic motion time-lapses.

The WG2 is particularly intriguing because it is a fully waterproof stabilizer for GoPro cameras, with an IP67 certification. This means it can withstand submersion to a depth of up to 1 meter. This makes the WG2 an excellent gimbal for water sports such as rafting and fishing and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

All these features allow you not to worry about this gimbal getting damaged or not working properly when you are out in the rain or even more than that.

Overall, the Feiyu WG2 is a good gimbal, especially for those doing wearable action filmmaking or working very close to water.

3. Removu S1

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In the GoPro footage stabilization area, Removu is a new brand that is building its credibility. The Removu S1 was the first ‘waterproof’ Gimbal to hit the market for the company.

There’s a lot to appreciate, with 4 to 5 hours of battery life, a detachable wireless joystick, and the ability to disconnect the brushless motors module from the handgrip.

The Removu S1 is more ‘rainproof’ than waterproof, as it is not designed to be submerged in water. It’s designed to operate with normal GoPro housings and has four stabilization modes and decent performance.

The Removu S1 is a high-end gimbal with a price tag that is comparably more expensive than the other Gimbal available in the market that offers almost the same specification.



We have answered the most common misconception among GoPro users that the Karma Grip is Waterproof or not. It has quoted the official statement from GoPro itself to prove that it should not be taken underwater. You can also find the best waterproof alternatives for Karma Grip that provide water resistance at a low price.