Is your Skybell video doorbell unable to connect to WiFi? This will make it impossible to operate the Skybell as intended. 

If your Skybell isn’t connecting to WiFi, check your WiFi settings and increase the distance between the device and the router. 

It may also be necessary to check the power supply, run a power cycle, reset the device, or request a firmware upgrade.  

The Skybell will occasionally fail to connect to WiFi. That can happen shortly after you acquire it or when it suddenly disconnects for no apparent reason.

Remember that smart devices like the Skybell can only connect to a 2.4GHz network.

Because you moved the Skybell farther from the router, it’s possible that it’s too far away and fails to establish a solid connection.

If you check the device’s status through the app, you may need to realize its power source is failing.

Steps To Connect Skybell Video Doorbell To WiFi

You can do a few steps to get your SkyBell Video Doorbell to connect to WiFi.

1. Check Your Network Connection

Check to determine if your wireless network is operational. Check that you have a good signal and that there is no interference from other wireless signal sources in the region. 

Check that all other gadgets on your WiFi network are also connected. Check the settings on your SkyBell Video Doorbell to ensure it is properly configured and has internet access.

If you’re having problems connecting to your Doorbell Camera, make sure it’s within range of your WiFi router and try relocating it closer to the camera.

2. Ensure you are connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi network

If you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your SkyBell Video Doorbell to WiFi, ensure it’s on a 2.4GHz network. 

This gadget will not function with 5GHz networks. When connecting to a WiFi network, ensure you’re on the 2.4GHz band, not the 5GHz band.

The 5GHz network is often quicker than the 2.4GHz network. However, it has a limited range.

3. Update Your SkyBell App

Frequently, updating the SkyBell App will resolve connectivity concerns. 

The Skybell app and firmware are out of date. 

However, the company will implement several modifications shortly to enhance the user experience.

4. Assess The Router Position And Status

Assume the initial setup went smoothly, but the link is lost afterwards.

In that scenario, you must ask yourself if the router’s or Skybell’s position has changed since the configuration. 

If the response is yes, move the router closer so that the Skybell remains within range.

5. Troubleshoot Your Router

Let’s say the router and the Skybell are close enough, and the setup went smoothly, but the connection has now been lost and will not reconnect.

Carry out the following actions:

  • Locate the router’s power button and hold it down until all lights go dark.
  • Wait a minute before turning it back on.
  • If your internet is slow and several services/connections fail, but restarting the router does not help, contact your ISP.

6. Verify The Power

You may have noticed that the Skybell is losing power.

In that scenario, proceed as follows:

  • Check for warping, as this will prevent the Skybell from maintaining a firm metal-on-metal contact, preventing charging completely.
  • Examine the metal contacts on the backs of the Skybells. 
  • Metal contacts should not be forced in. However, you can physically pull them out a bit at a time if they are.

7. Application Layer Gateway

ALG is commonly found in commercial routers and is enabled by default. This option may prevent the Skybell from connecting properly.

Carry out the following actions:

  1. Enter the router’s configuration;
  2. Navigate to “Advanced” or “WAN setup.”
  3. Locate “Application layer gateway.”
  4. Disable it.
  5. Connect Skybell.

8. Perform A Soft Reset

Here’s how to do a soft reset on your Skybell:

  • For 45 seconds, press and hold the Skybell button.
  • Wait for the LED to glow green before switching between red and green;
  • You can let off of the button once it begins to flash blue.
  • The gadget will go into reboot mode.
  • Allow 1 minute for the reboot mode to complete.

The soft reset will not completely wipe your device’s settings. Instead, if WiFi is already enabled, it will connect to it immediately.

How to Reset SkyBell WiFi?

A factory reset can be performed by pushing and holding the SkyBell button for approximately one minute. 

When the LED rapidly flashes Green, alternating Red/Green, then blue, it flashes Yellow.

To reset the SkyBell WiFi, press and hold the main button for a predetermined time. Hold down the button for 45 seconds to complete a gentle reboot. 

If you do a hard reset, all configuration modifications on SkyBell will be reverted to their factory defaults. 

If you have made any configuration modifications in the past, you will need to do a hard reset after the reset.

How To Reset SkyBell Camera?

If the SkyBell camera cannot connect to the network or is malfunctioning, reset it. 

Holding down the main button for a few minutes will prompt you to complete this assignment.

How To Reconnect SkyBell Video Doorbell to WiFi?

If your SkyBell Video Doorbell isn’t connected to WiFi, you can turn it into AP mode and install it like a new doorbell camera.

Check if the WiFi signal reaches the SkyBell when the front door is closed. 

If the router is too far away or the signal strength is low, bring it closer to the SkyBell or get a WiFi extender to improve the connection.

Monitor your WiFi signal to ensure it comes from your router at the correct frequency. This is only a problem if you have a dual-band router.

The SkyBell cannot be connected to a network that only operates on the 5 GHz frequency. The majority of routers will have a 2.4 GHz network. 

However not all of them will. To discover how to set up a dual-band router, go to Router Configuration.

Check to check whether internet access is available near the SkyBell. SkyBell connection quality is defined by how well the SkyBell connects with the router. 

You should now be able to install a new doorbell camera on your account using the same procedure.

Final Say,

As a result, if Skybell is not connecting to WiFi, you must try a few troubleshooting steps.

If the troubleshooting steps don’t work, you are dealing with a defective device. In that case, you might have to contact the manufacturer.