A Nikon Coolpix camera is an excellent piece of equipment. It takes photographs ideally and never misses a shot. 

That is, until the battery dies. 

Don’t freak out if you find yourself in this circumstance. You may be able to charge your Nikon Coolpix camera without a charger if you utilize a few everyday home objects. 

When a camera’s battery dies, it is inconvenient for any professional. It’s even worse when they don’t check the battery life before starting work.

Because you’re one of them and need to take some more photos, you’d like to charge the battery in a way other than by plugging it into a USB port. 

However, if there is any other issue, you must fix your Nikon Camera immediately, otherwise these charging methods won’t work.

7+ Alternative Ways To Charge Your Nikon Coolpix Camera Without Charger

nikon coolpix camera

1. Using USB Cable

First, open the battery door at the bottom of the camera, and at the far end, check for two metal battery connectors. Make sure it’s clean and shiny. 

If not, use a screwdriver and some cotton to clean the interior and the battery contact plate.

Close the battery door securely after inserting the battery. Switch the camera off because it will not charge if turned on.

Now, raise the prongs on the included AC adapter and insert the small end of your USB cable into a port on the bottom of your camera. 

Connect one end of the same cord to a USB port on a computer or an AC adapter.

Placing the AC adapter in a power outlet does not affect your camera’s LCD. 

You’ll notice a green battery glowing, indicating it’s charging.

The camera will be fully charged after around three hours, and you can remove it from the station. 

When this occurs, remove both the power adapter and the USB cable.

2. Using Friction

It’s more of a ruse than an actual charge. This procedure will not charge the camera’s battery considerably, but it may be enough to jumpstart the gadget for a short period of time.

This necessitates the use of static electricity created by friction. Remove the battery and rub it briefly against your shirt. 

Replace the battery in your camera, and you can get a few more minutes of photography time.

3. Using External Battery Chargers

Purchase a battery charger compatible with the type of battery your Nikon camera uses.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions when inserting the camera battery into the external charger.

Begin the charging procedure according to the charger’s instructions.

Always use compatible, high-quality batteries to ensure both safety and best performance.

4. Car Battery Charger

A car battery charger with a USB connector can be useful for road trips.

Use a mobile charger USB cable to properly connect your Nikon camera to the car battery charger to provide a solid and secure connection.

Charging your camera with the car battery while traveling may be a viable option for long picture sessions.

5. DC Power Source

Some Nikon cameras support direct power input from DC sources.

Check your camera’s handbook to see if this feature is available for your model.

If this charging method is supported, purchase the requisite compact power adapter.

6. Nikon Power Banks and Mobile Chargers

Ascertain that the power bank has enough juice to serve as a mobile charger and fully recharge your new camera battery.

Use a typical mobile charger USB cord to connect the camera to the specific external power bank.

Check your camera’s and power banks’ Nikon battery status indicators regularly to monitor charging progress.

This method is highly beneficial for photographers who need to charge their cameras on the go, especially if they have access to a power bank and a mobile charger but not traditional charging equipment.

7. Change The Battery 

When all attempts to charge your Nikon battery fail, your only option is to buy a cheap new Camera battery.

Even though many online and offline retailers sell used Nikon batteries, you should only buy new ones. 

The advantages of purchasing a new camera battery include the manufacturer’s warranty, lower cost, and longevity.

It’s not simply the battery; you might also get a new Nikon camera charger. Fortunately, most Jewish Nikon cameras come with two chargers.

How To Troubleshoot Nikon Coolpix Camera?

When the Nikon Coolpix camera does not charge typically, you should begin troubleshooting. 

To check whether they assist, try the following methods:

  • Make sure you’re using a genuine Nikon battery.
  • Check whether power comes from the PC or the central computer’s source.
  • By disconnecting and reattaching the cable, you may ensure it is correctly inserted at both ends.
  • Check the ‘On’ option in the Camera Setup Menu > Charge by computer.
  • Remove the memory card from the camera, then charge the battery again before reinserting the card.
  • To isolate the problem, consider using a USB or replacement batteries.

In Conclusion,

Charging your Nikon Coolpix camera without a charger is possible with the correct tools and know-how. Following these steps will have you shooting in no time.

It is not uncommon for a photographer, especially a professional photographer, to run out of battery power. 

Carrying extra batteries is essential, but this article has extensively reviewed how to charge your Nikon without a charger.