What could be more incredible than a spinning 360 camera snapping jaw-dropping photos of you? 

Its combination of HD photos, videos, boomerangs, and slow-motion effects can make your essential occasions more memorable. In photography, the most recent innovation has become a hot trend.

So, if you’re considering hiring one for your event, you might wonder, “How much does it cost to rent a 360 camera?”

The cost of renting a 360-camera booth varies depending on your selected package. 

However, the usual 360 camera package will cost you between $100 and $550, depending on accessories, effects, sizes, and picture quality. 

Any upgrades or customizations to the setup will raise the cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A 360 Camera

360 camera

Various factors determine the cost of renting a 360 camera or a photo booth. Depending on their experience and equipment, some photographers and cinematographers charge significantly more than others.

The cost will also be determined by adding props, scheduling, venue, sharing booth, photo count, and video duration, among other factors.

A basic package will cost between $550 and $3500 for the entire event. 

The following items should be included in a $200 hourly package:

  • One 360-degree photo booth
  • Full HD or 4K video camera
  • Ezoic
  • Automatic platform (should seat 3-4 persons)
  • Backdrop
  • Options for instant social sharing
  • Photos and videos are unlimited.
  • Props that are commonly used
  • Music selection with professional lighting
  • Personalized event filter
  • Setup begins one hour before the main event.
  • Access to the entire album

These can vary based on the operator’s quality and location.

Expertise And Gear

The greater the prices, the better the operator and the equipment. A good cinematographer will charge you a higher fee. 

If you employ an intermediate-level operator for this purpose, he may be able to complete your task for under $200, but a pro might charge you several thousand dollars for the same event.

The rent will be determined by the camera’s quality, including the resolution, lens, smoothness of the spinner, etc. You should purchase a full HD or 4k 360 camera.

Size Of The Platform

The platform is available in a range of sizes. The standard platform size is 35 inches, which is big enough for two people. 

The larger venues can accommodate a group of up to ten people. You may have to spend an additional $60-$80.


Natural illumination may be included in conventional kits. It should work for an outside event. 

However, for an interior event, professional lights with diffusers are required. Good lighting will improve the appeal of your images and movies.

Extra lighting can range in price from $20 to $50.


Props help make the booth more engaging and bring out the best poses. A standard kit includes standard braces.

A customized prop and backdrop will save you an extra $20-$30.

A speaker and LED monitors can be added for $50-$60.

Venue And Timing

Many individuals seek wedding locations or other events away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If your site is too far from the city, the operator may charge you an additional $30-$50.

If your event lasts till midnight, you may be charged an additional fee. Ensure that you contact the service provider for the entire day.

Instant Sharing

The guests would undoubtedly require the images and videos immediately. Instant social sharing booths complement your 360-camera booth. It will cost you between $20 and $40.

Essential Tips To Keep In Mind Before Renting A 360 Photo Booth

Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your 360 camera:

  • The most important thing is to plan around your event and its requirements. You can rent the service you choose once you have a clear image of your needs.
  • Compare at least two 360 photo booth companies. Prioritize experience and reviews.
  • You must reserve the service in advance. You would also be compelled to pay certain advances.
  • Choose a high-resolution camera with a large platform and professional lighting.
  • Choose the hourly packages for a wedding or other family event. Rent the booth for the event duration if it is a promotional or social gathering.

Is 360 Photo Booth Better Than Traditional Photo Booths?

The 360 photo booth is the newest trend in event photography. It will provide an incredible experience, including slow-motion films, panoramas, boomerangs, and other features unavailable in typical photo booths.

How Much Space Do You Need For A 360 Camera?

A 15X15 foot space is required for a 360 camera. The area should be leveled and flat.

What is a 360 Camera?

It’s a 360-degree picture booth with a camera mounted to a spinner. The spinner rotates around a platform in the direction specified by the photographer. 

It’s a video recording booth. If you stand in the center of the platform, the camera will begin to move around you.

It can capture panoramic images, photos, and movies from various angles, as well as slow-motion videos and boomerangs by moving back and forth.

The camera can shoot high-definition photos and films at 120 frames per second, which is excellent! 

The camera, a platform with a moving stick, accessories, lighting, and a photo-sharing booth are all included in the booth.

In Conclusion,

A 360-degree camera booth can help to make your special event even more memorable and fun. Plan your requirements before renting. 

Choose the best bundle after taking into account all of the factors. If you’re going to spend money, spend it wisely.